The cold inside

It was 32 degrees outside, but she felt cold

Let’s not think about it anymore.

She tried to stand up but couldn’t quite;

Her knees couldn’t handle the burden, even for a while.

Let’s just stay here and rest

I need to sleep tight here in bed’.


She tussled around left and right.

Tried to shut down her memories with all her might.

But the memories kept on leaking;

Hitting her one by one with a strong blow

She kept on pleading;

Not to let her emotions show.

It’ll all be good like it was before.

She didn’t quite believe in herself anymore.

She sang to herself a cold, heartless song;

The words of love that appeared, seemed so wrong.

How is any of this possible?

‘The result of love is always horrible.’


She hugged her teddy bear tight

Her brain and heart were still on a fight.

A drop of tear finally appeared

All the strength she had in her… just disappeared…


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