Never Give Up? F*** it! Just Give Up!

A guy has been appearing in bar exams for 7 years. He hopes to pass this time like he did the first 7 times.

A girl is in a very abusive relationship; she still hopes he’ll improve. Her bruises have become permanent now and her concealer lasts only for a week.

There is an old man who has only a percentage of casino chips left from the amount he started. He is exchanging all of the money from his wallet for new set of chips.

Now, there might be two types of response of the readers: 1. They are trying to make things better so they should not give up, and 2. It’s already f***ed up; they should give up. The first set of responses might be from the people who are currently going through the situation. I’m the second kind of person; who had been in the situation before and came out of it wounded.

There is a term known as “escalation of commitment”; the little ray of hope that makes people work on it at the cost of time, energy and even money. People end up investing more and more of the resources to go nowhere they intended. You keep on studying that major, not because you like it anymore, but because you need to show your family and friends that you can do it. You need to be in that abusive situation because you don’t want to be a failure in life who chose a wrong relationship. You need to get all your money back by investing more money on it even though the possibility is really low.

Look at you, are you happy?! Assess your situation! Maybe, it’s time to give up. Maybe, you have already crossed the time when you should have given up. Maybe, this is the last chance you can get out before you hurt yourself more.

I can understand, the society sees stubborn people as the coolest ones than those who change their minds and change paths. People having a poor but committed relation is considered to be far better than the ones who divorce for the search of healthy relationship. But, does that matter? Does other people opinion about you matter more than your happiness?

I am a quitter. I have quitted many things in my life, some even twice. But I have learned a lot from it. “Learn from your mistakes” is not a cliché. I learned that those things aren’t for me. When it didn’t work, I quit.

My close relatives used to make fun of me in social gatherings that I am a quitter and good for nothing. After quitting many things in my life I finally came to place which I absolutely love. I am doing great in here and all of my efforts have paid off. And still, my relatives make fun of me saying, “Naya bahun le kharani dherai dalxa” (New priest apply more ash in their forehead) whenever I try a little hard in things that I love.

In life, there is no one else that takes care of you, not even your relatives. It’s just you and your happiness that matters, not their opinion. And you are willing to sacrifice your happiness for those people who can’t ever be happy for you? Those who are ready to pull your legs any moment they can? Those who wait for you to fail so that they can make fun of yours? No, it’s not worth it. The things that make you sad and miserable is not worth it.

It’s time to think about yourself.

Be flexible, wander around, search for new things that you can try. Try something that you had never even given thought of. Leave that depressing subject; take a new one. Leave that abusive relation; start a new one. Stop spending gambling money; start a new business or take your wife on a vacation. Life is too short to be stuck in the big mud. You may fail again.  Yes, you will! But it’s always better to get a new experience, new thrill, new struggle than the same boring ones. Who knows? You may end up finding the perfect thing for yourself.

Take a chance, there is always a risk. There is risk in your current situation too. Do you doubt if it is a good time? Ask yourself, “When is the heck is the best time?” After a week? After a month? After a year? Will it be easier then? Or, will it be more hard and you end up spending more resources just for nothing?

The moment is now. The choice is yours. Well, the choice always had been yours. But, will it change now? Will you move on? Will you be happy?


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