The Perfect Sketch

He completed the eyes…Perfect! The details were not so important because those eyes were beautiful without any effort. Huge, clear, lovely eyes with dilated pupil… “Seriously, how can anyone sketch such beautiful eyes?” They were alive even before he had put details on it. They looked directly at him…beautiful…

He moved towards the cheek area. “A slight amount of rosy color would do the work”, he thought. He dabbed the brush in rosy pink color a couple of times and then shook off the excess with one snap of the wrist. With very light strokes, the cheeks were colored.

Finally, for the lips… He drew the outline with deep red color. It accentuated the perfectly arched cupid’s bow. Then, filled in the voluptuous lip with the brush. He moved his head back to take an overall look…Flawless!

Those bright and shiny eyes were still looking at him. His gaze fell upon her sexy red lips. Those slightly parted juicy lips seemed to call him. He pulled her head forward and then…kissed her.

Written on 30th Jan 2016


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