The Unfortunate

“Please stop.” She begged with tears rolling down her eyes. It was hard to speak due to her swollen lips. But he didn’t listen. He slapped her again and her fragile body fell with a slight thud.

“Not the belly”, she begged in mind. He kicked her hard and there was the distinct sound of her fingers breaking. She shrieked. Normally, one would look at the body to examine where it hurts. But, she couldn’t risk removing her broken fingers from her belly. She was covering the slight bulge with all her might.

“Should I tell him? No! If I tell him, he’ll kill the baby before he kills me. After this is done, I’m running away. But please, no more, no more…I can’t withstand the pain anymore…”

He grabbed her hair and snarled with cheap nasty alcohol smell, “I’m gonna kill yah tonight.” It was so terrorizing, she got goosebumps all over her body.

“I’m sorry”, she wept.

“Should I tell him? Would he act the same if he hears the baby’s heartbeat? Should I tell him that I’m not getting fat but am growing a baby in here?”

“Yah’re sorry?” His husky beastly voice slurred. “Yah’re sorry?” He dragged her by her hair and threw her back with one hand. Her head hit the table and she screeched with pain.

“If only I survive this with my child, I’m leaving here forever. I’ll go far far away…very far…”

Blood was gushing from her temple. Her vision was fading away. She slowly lost consciousness… But, he kept on kicking her…Kicking on her belly…

Written on 4th February 2016


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